Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tracy's Boobie Bulletin Blog

Most people see "boobie" on the internets and immediately think: great, pr0n. Well this isn't that kind of blog. As 99% of you know, in April my lovely wife Tracy was diagnosed with breast cancer. We're now about midway through the battle, having completed the lumpectomy, IVF stuff, and first round of chemotherapy. We have 11 weeks of chemo (Taxol, not too bad) and the radiation still to go but the most grueling part appears to be over. Although she now shares my bald-headed look, she's doing great.

At the suggestion of our friend Abraham, we decided to chronicle her battle with a blog. She's been sending updates via e-mail, "Ballot's Boobie Bulletin," to friends and family but the blog was the obvious medium for archiving her poignant, hilarious insights and sharing them with the wider world. We had intended to start our blogs together but Tracy resisted updating hers. After much nudging and cajoling, she's finally started posting and has granted me permission to publicize her efforts (though the link's been in my sidebar for a month).

Check out her newly scrubbed and polished content here!


Anonymous said...

... Then you guys realized how easy it was and thought "that damn asian fool, we could've done it ourselves."

Indeed. Indeed.

Anyway, I've been enjoying both Tracy and your blogs. They've been entertaining, enlightening, and (god help us all) educational.


J Ballot said...


Well sure, we could have done it ourselves, but then we would have been denied the pleasure of your company (or, "wasted an afternoon," as you might have called it). :)

But thanks for your kind words -- I'm glad you're reading. And if we had some small role in jumpstarting your own reentry into blogging, well all the better.

If my blog's been educational, then yes, God help us all indeed! Tracy's has been educational; mine's been either "scrumtrulescent" or "craptacular," depending on whom you talk to.