Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ephemeral Update/Miscellaneous Debris

Haven't posted anything besides "comments" in a few days. Mostly because I've tried to balance the blog's tone between Fun and Light! and Serious Ruminations on the State of Things -- which leaves me wanting for material when news is slow, and little to say when feeling neither particularly fun nor light. Anyway. Today is a chemo day so I'll be offline until later this afternoon, but I wanted to jumpstart a few more conversations here.
  • As a quick update, I plan to foray into a little photoblogging later today. Thrill to my new golf clubs! Share in the geekiness of another of my nerdy hobbies, authentic hockey jersey collecting!
  • This gag is for, like, literally 3 people (Abe, Larry & Mark), or any other Emory alums: at the Braves game last night, Abe raised the burning issue of which fraternity Chipper Jones would join had he attended our alma mater. Abe opined it would be our very own Delt. I say Beta (maybe Sigma Nu). One could even make the case for Phi Delt. Now Dan Kolb, on the other hand, would clearly be a Delt. Thoughts?
  • Hollywood is famous for poor judgment and questionable decisions, and in that vein Tracy and I recently discussed some of the oddest casting choices in film history. My favorite is still "Denise Richards -- nuclear physicist!" I don't remember which Bond movie that's from (and I lack the time to look it up), but suffice to say the whole theatre burst out in incredulous laughter at that one. One example of odd-good, however, is Rodney Dangerfield's small role as the abusive father in "Natural Born Killers." Seeing a comical, self-deprecating persona in that way was just creepy. Kudos to Oliver Stone on that call. Any other ideas? Feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...


Or, I thought of this last night, I could see Chipper as a KA. Totally forgot about that lame ass frat.

Anyway, oddest casting choices. A couple:

1. Elizabeth Shue as the "brilliant" physicist in "The Saint." Personally, I do think Miss Shue is a good actress (aka "Leaving Las Vegas" heh heh), but as a "brilliant" physicist? Riiiight.

2. Tim Robbins in the latest ver. of "War of the Worlds." I have to say this was honestly one of the worst performances I've seen in a LONG time.

3. Kevin Costner as "Robin Hood." Come on, the dude couldn't even do a British accent!

FYI, Denise Richards was the scientist in "The World is Not Enough." Lord, talk about a lame ass movie.


Tracy said...

Well, I'm not sure Jason and I agree on this, but that's because Natalie Portman is on his island. But I think she was a terrible casting choice for Queen Amiblabla. I think even someone as Barbie as Kate Bosworth would have done a better performance.

My other comment to Jason was, wouldn't it have been funny is they cast Gary Busey as James Caan's character in Misery? All that maniacal laughing-I think that would have been great!

It must be the chemo brain! :)

Mark said...

Chipper Jones - Sigma Chi all the way. Milk and cookies...