Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pablo's Moldy Thoughts

I am just a bloggin' pimp lately. Please welcome our friend Pablo to the blogosphere. To know him is to be endlessly entertained by him so be sure to check out his new blog. He's calling it "Pablo's Moldy Thoughts," but since I'm unsure exactly why they're moldy (excess moisture? short shelf life? I dunno), from now on it will be called "the 'Zagablog" in this space.

You have to love the conclusion to his profile:

"I've been told that my writing is a lot like toilet water, it goes in circles without making any sense and half of the time it's full of shit."


Larry said...

Ballatoni siscaloni pepperoni rigatoni macaroni...

Just wanted to post a note and let you know that your blog is one of my required stops during my workday before I reach the end of the internets. I may not post every time, but I read every day. Just FYI. No pressure, but you must entertain me every day.

Let's get pumped!
(chirp, chirp, chirp...)

Pabs said...

do you now know what i was talking about last night?

J Ballot said...

Larry --

Thanks for your patronage! My daily readership has now swelled to 7. Let's get PUMPED!!! Anyway, no pressure indeed. I shall do my best to entertain you every day -- and that is no small feat with so witty and urbane an audience.

Pablo --

Um, yes. I would have to be functionally retarded and/or sensory deprived to have missed your meaning. Too bad you didn't have a camera last night or you could have illustrated that particular interest on your blog.