Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ringing Endorsement

Actual quote from my Dad yesterday:

I haven't been to your blog in a few days. I forgot about it, to be honest with you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jason,
Let me know the outcome of the woman who was on trial in Wisconson for assaulting a TSA agent.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Now that's funny. Of course with my dad it would be like:

"Whut izza blog?"


J Ballot said...

Dad --

Sorry if it seems I threw you under the bus there but it just struck me as funny. Hopefully my blogging endeavors will be more interesting than my short-lived youth soccer career!

Anyway, regarding your request -- the woman was found guilty and will be sentenced on November 1. A good followup article can be found here.


Abe-uh -- "Whut izza blog?" That's priceless. Assuming, of course, your dad can pull himself away from his videotape of the 1987 Masters long enough to ask about your blog!