Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Linkfest

Though we're mired in something of a slow news cycle, a few blogworthy items to fill the outrage quota came to my attention today. Courtesy of LRC and Fark, here are 4 stories that for various reasons make my libertarian antennae tingle:

Car. Happy. California by Steven Greenhut
The Puritan Left hates the freedom afforded by your car. Steven Greenhut tells them to STFU.

Meth Madness at Newsweek by Jack Shafer
Media scaremongering contrasted with facts and important questions. There ought to be a warning label: "Innoculate yourself with copious amounts of skepticism and critical thinking before using Mainstream Media."

A Garden Grows a $73,000 Fine
Is there a more dreary collection of petty tyrants than local code enforcers? Where city ordinances govern, property rights and common sense surrender.

Man Whose Arrest Was Filmed By 'Cops' Sues Officers For Brutality
This is an outrage. Militarized, hyperaggressive and intoxicated on testosterone and adrenaline is no way to police, son. Evidently it's OK to Taser and unleash a police dog on an innocent guy passed out on private property. Especially if you claim he's "resisting." Fucking fascists.

Please keep these articles in mind when you hear that stupid mantra, "They hate us for our FREEDOM!"

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