Saturday, February 04, 2006

sorry for the delay...

I promised an update regarding Joel Stein's "I don't support the troops" column and it's still coming. I got about 90% of the way through it on Wednesday night when I started feeling ill...and I haven't seen daylight since. Been completely waylaid by flu-like symptoms -- fever, chills, body aches, weakness, congestion, etc. I felt like I was cut open and had all my soft tissue replaced by Ziploc bags stuffed full of cold jelly. For the last 72 hours or so I've been in lockdown/quarantine mode and haven't even had the wherewithal or concentration necessary to post even this meager update until now.

But I'm finally starting to feel human again and I hope to have that Stein update posted by tomorrow afternoon. A few other quick things:

•I know it's hip to trash "Saturday Night Live" but there have been some genuine bright spots this season. I'm looking forward to tonight's episode, which features a power packed, high-wattage star combo -- Steve Martin hosts for the 14th (!) time and is joined by musical guest Prince. Maya Rudolph returns from maternity leave, and Tracy and I eagerly anticipate a "Prince Show" skit that features the real Prince and Beyonce Knowles (don't forget, she's in the new "Pink Panther" film with Steve Martin).


UConn 88, Indiana 80. I think the Huskies are starting to hit their stride. They were impressive today. Down early, 29-20, in a hostile environment, it would have been easy for the team to wilt or otherwise let this one get away. But they never looked rattled -- they kept their composure, worked the half-court offense, and took control of the game by being patient and playing UConn basketball: owning the boards and tenaciously contesting every shot. The frontcourt played another great game and Rudy Gay is growing comfortable in his role as the go-to guy. To borrow a Coach Calhoun phrase, this team has a chance to be special.


I'm not a huge football fan but I must admit to having totally bought into the civic religion of Super Bowl Sunday. The whole day is just one big damn party -- what's not to love? I'll post something more substantive tomorrow, including picks and hopefully a review of the best and worst commercials after the game. But I can't wait for kickoff...

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