Wednesday, February 01, 2006

quick update

Yes, I'm still alive and no, I didn't abandon my blog. For one thing, I just got back into town Monday night after a weekend in Florida. For another, a lot's been happening lately, most of it exciting. I'm not at liberty to discuss details right now (ooh, mysterious!) but hopefully I'll have something to report soon. Anyway, look for a substantive update later tonight.

State of the Union, meh. Didn't watch it. Was at Jeffrey's drowning season-ending sorrows with my hockey teammates (we lost our playoff game, 4-3). I'll check a transcript of the SOTU later but, really, why bother? The whole exercise is a self-congratulatory circle jerk. Bush squints his beady little eyes into the TelePrompter and mouths the usual platitudes and buzzwords penned by his speechwriters. Eff it.

Though news gets stale quickly in the blogosphere, I did have some thoughts on Joel Stein's controversial "I don't support the troops" column. The teaser: I support Joel Stein (shocker, that).

OK, gotta go to work. Hope everyone has a great day...

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Mark Copen said...

...and how GREAT it is to have you back!

Hope you're well - miss you buddy!