Monday, February 13, 2006

Incognito in the ATL

"We missed you."

With three simple words, Incognito's incomparable frontman J.P. "Bluey" Maunick reintroduced himself to Atlanta tonight. The venerable acid jazz collective had not performed here since 2001 but they warmed up the frigid evening with a sizzling show at the Coca Cola Roxy. This isn't so much a concert review as a celebration. Tonight marked the third time I'd seen them live and they never disappoint.

Tonight's setlist:

1. "Colibri"
2. "Roots (Back To A Way of Life)"
3. "Close My Eyes"
4. "Baby It's All Right"
5. "Talkin' Loud"
6. "We Got Music"
7. "Labour of Love"
8. "Don't Turn My Love Away"
9. "As Long As It's You"
10. Spirited piano/keyboard solo melting seamlessly into...
11. "This Thing Called Love"
12. "Who Needs Love"
13. "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing"
14. "Everyday"
15. Richard Bailey showing off his skills with a thundering drum solo, which poured into...
16. "Always There"
17. "Deep Waters"
18. "Still A Friend of Mine"

19. "Listen to the Music"

Other highlights:
• Maysa changing the lyric of "Listen to the Music" from "Meet me in the country for a day" to "Meet me in Atlanta for a day."

• Bluey introducing the "musical United Nations" of the touring band, which included 12 members representing such far flung locales as Scotland, the UK, Jamaica, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Israel, and the U.S. (Maysa's from Baltimore). I might even have forgotten a place or two.

• The best part: Bluey promised a return trip to Atlanta for Incognito this summer.

We missed you, too, Bluey. Thank you for bringing the funk, soul, and spirit of Incognito back to Atlanta.

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