Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Writer to Hillary Clinton: STFU!

Because the world apparently suffers from a shortage of politician posturing, bullying, and self-aggrandizing, Hillary Clinton now wants to stick her fat nose into investigating video game content. But writer Steven Johnson pours her a nice tall glass of ice cold shut-up juice here.

Fun for the whole family!


Anonymous said...

It's all a bunch of horseshit, and it's an enormous double-standard. All this hoopla is over so-called sexual content, yet at the same time:

1. Buy a hooker then kill her.
2. Start killing rampages
3. On and on.

Additionally, there is an extremely informative article which discusses and debunks the so called "Videogames encourages violence" myth.

In the end, it's all political nonsense and takes the publics focus away from what is truly important: getting our troops out of Iraq, ending copyright baloney, elimination of software patents, on and on.


Anonymous said...

A follow up.

There's a PHENOMENAL article in the LA Times regarding this whole Hillary Clinton vs GTA:SA issue:


Rob said...

This kind of stuff always cracks me up. Like by playing a video game, I'll be more prone to behavior detrimental to society. I've played Medal of Honor yet never shot a Nazi in the head. I've played Warcraft and never felt the urge to whip up an army of Ogres and smite my enemies. As for GTA and buying a hooker and killing her, how many times have I done that? Twice? Maybe three times? I hardly think that constitutes a trend.

What this always boils down to is parents not willing to take the blame for shit. Oh, it's certainly not MY fault that my child is a recalcitrant, moody shut in with nihlistic visions of the future just because I don't know how to communicate to him/her or instill him/her with the proper values . No, it's TV/movies/video games/Harry Potter/Abe Vigoda's fault (don't underestimate the rabble rousing power of Fish on young minds). Why don't you spend your $90M on making parents better freaking parents?

And so there it is - my first blog post. I hope you've enjoyed this as much as I.

J Ballot said...

w00t -- your LA times article is the same one I posted by Steven Johnson. And it was indeed FEE-nomenal!

Rob -- You'll always be prone to behavior detrimental to society, video games or otherwise. It's your gift to humankind.

But if I may get serious for a moment (I do that here, but never at work) -- you're 100% right about the fundamental problem here. It's the nanny state mentality that pervades our culture. Nobody wants to take responsibility for themselves or their actions, and into that vacuum steps the state. Income redistribution and congressional investigations ensue, and personal responsibility surrenders.

Anyway, I sincerely hope your first blog post here was not your last. If your efforts with that actress should fail, we'll need you to refocus your energies back toward sharing the awesome power of your brain. And why not this forum? Drunken and/or stoned posting is not only tolerated, it's encouraged.