Thursday, July 21, 2005

Update and Modest Link-o-Rama

Seems that my posting here comes in staccato bursts and then ceases for awhile. I'd like to keep a more consistent writing schedule, but circumstances, they don't oft permit. Today was a chemo day and maybe the easiest we've had. I say 'we' even though Tracy's the one plugged into the Matrix, but still. I get sympathy nausea and fatigue which, psychosomatic or otherwise, feels real enough. I do think knowing that this was the last of four treatments for the first dose-dense round provided a real psychological lift to both of us. That part's done, now it's on to the weekly Taxol. From everything we've been told, it shouldn't be nearly as rough as the first round. And hey, did you see Tracy's Boobie Bulletin 6.5? Medical weed! Friggin' sweet! Technically it's that concentrated THC Marinol krep but it's the spirit that counts.

For those who managed to stick around (or even return) after your initial exposure to this blog, thanks! I've got a couple of interesting links for you -- sorry, more ideological spleen venting. No offense taken if you pass:

Livingstone Blames West for Stirring Terror
London mayor pisses off Tony Blair and GW for telling the truth about terrorist motives.

News Flash: The Military Doesn't Protect Our Freedom
Yeah, this one's not going to make many people happy. Please just read and think about it before sending me (or the author) hate mail. Then flame away :-)

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Tracy said...

The thing that bugs me when I read an article like "News Flash: The Military Doesn't Protect Our Freedom", is that it makes me feel like our problems as a country are insurmountable. That if we just " Own a high-powered rifle,.. Make yourself as financially independent of the government as possible... Urge your representatives at all levels of government to vote against every new law that arises, and to erase laws that are on the books now." we'll be okay. But I don't want to own a high powered rifle. Then I think, "Well if you don't like it, leave" but there's no where to go. It makes me feel like things are hopeless. I'd almost rather bury my head in the sand, and try to live the best life I can lead, then try and make change. Then again, I have no right to complain, if I do nothing to make things better. Life is just so complicated!