Friday, July 20, 2007

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Been quiet here at DIM lately, and for good reason: I've been trotting the globe like Marco Polo for the last three weeks.

The itinerary included:
  • Eight days in London (6/29 - 7/7)
  • A very brief weekend in south Florida (7/13 - 7/15)
  • A four day excursion to lovely Seattle-Tacoma for work (7/16 - 7/19)
Here's a little photoblogging for your Friday work timewasting activities:

Look, kids! Big Ben! Parliament! And some fat bald guy ruining the view.

My adorable niece Olivia hams it up for the camera at Tra's mom's 60th birthday party. My own expression was remarkably similar after the 2nd mojito.

The view from my room at The MarQueen Hotel. Note the gray sky, which lends authenticity to the stereotypical Seattle tableau.

Good times were had by all. Details and more photos to come, and of course more bile shall soon flow over these pages!


w00master said...

AWWW Yeah. Those are awesome dude! Welcome back. SNAP

Mark Copen said...

Glad you had a good vacation! Hope life is well with y'all down there!