Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ron Paul vs. the Establishment

Please invest 10 minutes of your day to watch this compilation of Ron Paul's responses from the other night's Republican presidential debate:

Tell me: what was so unreasonable or objectionable in anything he said?

I want you to watch Giuliani's reaction around the 6:09 mark: he's angry, yes, but I see something else in his eyes: fear. Benito Giuliani and the rest of the establishment is afraid of Ron Paul and the truth he speaks. If you don't believe me, check out the desperation spewing from the neocon spin machine:

Condemnation from these authoritarian creeps is the greatest possible endorsement of Dr. Paul's candidacy.


1. Reading the various smears and straw men being perpetrated against Dr. Paul reminds me of Mahatma Ghandi's famous quote:

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

2. Don't miss two brilliant columns from LRC today:


Wayne said...

It floors me that Ron Paul speaks on behalf of traditional conservative values and is completely savaged not by Democrats, but by prominent members of his own party. Love that neocon thuggery. That video of the Fox News text messaging results was particularly priceless. Matt Taibbi is going to have a good piece on Giuliani in the next Rolling Stone; I already read it online at, but I think the link is gone already -- though it might be in their archives.

J Ballot said...


Thanks for checking in! The Taibbi piece was linked on LRC the other day so I was able to check it out. GREAT piece. It's about time the so-called "liberal" media took notice of just what a smarmy, dictator wanna-be Giuliani is.

I can at least respect a man who is sincere if misguided, like Russ Feingold. That guy seems genuinely committed to his left-wing principles (even if I think he's wrong about a lot). But Giuliani has no such principles. He's an empty suit who panders to his party's idiot wing. He's the worst kind of politician: the cynic, the demagogue, the manipulator. All Giuliani cares about his power. What an arrogant fucking douchebag.

I'm excited about Ron Paul now but my optimism (indeed, my faith in humanity) will vanish if we have a Clinton-Giuliani election.