Monday, February 19, 2007

it's kind of like an arctic mindbath

So I finally upgraded to Blogger 2 Electric Boogaloo, and after a little tinkering, toying, and surfing for new templates...I decided to overhaul the whole damn thing.

Questions, comments, and a snarky "you still blog?" or two are welcome...


w00master said...

Dude! I love the new look. Much cleaner *and* easier on the eyes.

Btw, I've finally been posting on my blog again, but we'll see how long THAT goes. LOL.


Pabs said...

Hey Jay, Dissent looks spiffy. good work, man!

Mark Copen said...

Not half bad my friend - not half bad...

It IS nice to see you back on the web - hope all's well with you!
Keep in touch!


Wayne said...

The redesign looks great, Jay -- glad to see you're still going at it. As you may have noticed, I gave up my blog; it just got to be a little too much for me.

J Ballot said...


Thank you all for your kind words and continued patronage. I can't take much credit for the new look; really, I just picked a new template and tweaked and customized a few elements. But thanks for continuing to check in (even with infrequent updates) - it means a lot.

Abe: Welcome back to the blogosphere! I've been checking it out -- keep it up!

Pabs: Thank you! I like what you've done with Minhoca Head, as well!

Mark: All is very well, thanks -- hope all is well with you and yours as well! Will be in touch.

Wayne: Thanks! Yes, I had noticed you'd given up the blog. But you know, it's like any other pursuit -- you can always pick it up again as circumstances permit. Just ask Abe!

Hope all is well with everyone!