Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Example of How the State Ruins Everything

Are Some Video Games Gambling?

Although thousands of gamers enjoy an online simulation called Entropia Universe, questions are being raised as to whether the game constitutes "illegal" gambling (especially by "minors"), and if real in-game earnings constitute income for the taxman to steal.

Is there any sphere of human activity left that the state won't tax, regulate, or otherwise throttle?

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Pabs said...

We should join the game and open Financial and Tax Service businesses, create governement agencies within the game at the same time, and stick it to everybody... virtually that is; oh, and outside the US, don't forget that!!
Excuse me while I steal a helicopter and kill da 5-0 on Grand Theft Auto, where is safer...

Pabs said...

also, that game sounds hella cool!
I wonder if I could open a virtual strip joint or a virtual massage parlor. Virtual sucky, sucky; real fih dollah!