Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

I know, I know: this is a shameless and borderline outrageous act of self-promotion and attention-whoring, but today -- April 12, 2006 -- marks my 33rd birthday and I'm in the mood to celebrate. And, seriously, what better way to celebrate your birthday than by attending Passover seder at Dick and Harry's (yes, those are my actual plans tonight)? Who needs cake? Pass the karpas and the Manischewitz, man. We're partying HARD.

Eh. Anyway, check out the always enlightening Wikipedia for more information about this stellar day. It's how I discovered that the famed American poet Ogden Nash actually composed verse about today's date. The poem is titled, oddly enough, "Lines in Praise of a Date Made Praiseworthy Solely By Something Very Nice That Happened to It:"

Lines in Praise of a Date Made Praiseworthy Solely by Something Very Nice That Happened to It

As through the calendar I delve
I pause to rejoice in April twelve.

Yea, be I in sickness or be I in health
My favorite date is April twealth.

It comes upon us, as a rule,
Eleven days after April fool,

And eighteen days ahead of May Day
When spring is generally in its heyday.

Down in New Mexico the chapparal
Is doing nicely by the twelfth of Apparal,

And Bay State towns such as Lowell and Pepperell
Begin to bloom on the twelfth of Epperell.

But regardless of the matter of weather,
There isn't any question whether.

No, not till the trumpet is blown by Gabriel
Shall we have such a day as the twelfth of Abriel.


Larry said...

Welcome to 33, old man. I'm glad another of us has joined the club (tho, with my new liver, isn't my age lowered to around 29?)...

w00master said...

Dude, when are you havin' a B-day party Biotch???? Anyway, I hope you can make the mini-geekfest this Friday (Apr. 14th). Yes, I have the 360. Aww buhhh. Aww Buhhh.

pabs said...

Hey Jay, Happy Birthday dude! Have fun tonight, and by fun I mean alcohol. Hmmmmm alcohol. Anyways, i'm glad Larry has a new liver and Abe has a 360. That's awesome for both. hehehe. I'm retarded*

Take care man!!!!

* disappears in a cloud of smoke with his ninja stealth, and shame.

Mark said...

And a VERY happy belated birthday to you! At least you'll NEVER be as old as I am!

I seem to remember a birthday of yours in the past with horse racing, Kentucky Hot-Browns, and Keeneland...OH YEAH! Good times, good times!

all my best!