Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

And thus concludes a very tumultuous 2005! Tra and I are very much looking forward to 2006 and all the promise that the new year brings. We've survived our own personal version of Harvey Pekar's "Our Cancer Year" and we now set our sights on happier pursuits -- new jobs (yes, that's "jobs," plural, because even I plan to reverse the inertia), new plans, and New Years resolutions we won't keep.

We've spent a very relaxing day playing "Guitar Hero" for the PS2 (yes, even Tracy's hooked now) and will be spending NYE at the Funny Farm in Roswell with comedian Tom Simmons. We're convinced we've seen him before but it's been a few years.

Anyway, one quick housecleaning item: tonight is the last chance to give to charity and still qualify for deductions on 2005-2006 taxes. Everyone has causes they hold near and dear, and for me, I'm contributing to keep alive the best libertarian site on the Intarwebs.

Best wishes to all for a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2006!


Mark said...

And our best wishes to you and Tra for a wonderful New Year as well! The three of us hope we'll get to see you guys sometime soon!!!!

Take care and keep in touch!
All our love!
Tiff, Mark, and Addison

J Ballot said...

Mark (and Tiff and Addison, too),

Thank you for your kind wishes! We hope to see you soon as well! The drive really isn't very far so let's do our best to catch up soon.

I jokingly refer to my little corner of the Internet as "blogging in the wilderness," but in all seriousness, the best part has been the way it's allowed us to keep up with far flung friends and family (I just can't resist gratuitous use of alliteration). So thanks for your patronage here -- I know you probably look askew at some of my crackpot libertarian/anarchist ideas but I really appreciate your checking in here -- it means a lot!

Thanks again for your kindness and support throughout a tough time -- it's meant the world to us!

With all our love too,
Jason & Tracy

Mark Copen said...

You have been too good of a friend for too many years for me not to patronize your "own little corner of the web"!

I'm just glad we're able to keep in touch - it means a lot to me too!
Cheers my friend!

J Ballot said...


You are too kind, sir! Always glad we can keep in touch (especially since I'm not always good at it) -- please keep the comments coming!

And we need to get together soon. I still want to convene a spades game reunion. Failing that, we should at least try to catch up soon -- if you can tolerate my incredibly loose and undignified version of "golf," maybe we can even play a round or two!

All the best,